Important Note from your principal

Principal Figgins here,

Unfortunately, we have been having many discipline issues lately. In order to remedy this situation, we, the teaching staff, are proud to establish a new custom: Each month, the Student of Month, will be designated and will be awarded by a FREE BUFFET DINNER COUPON for two persons at ‘BreadsticX’. We’re expecting all the students to be on their best behavior.

principal Figgins

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The weekly glee club assignement!

Here is this week’s assignment:

Sing from someone of Latin descent.

If you have any questions for me, please just send it to the ask box and I will gladly help as soon as I can. You can also take a look at  my page, if you need to check for interesting tunes.

— Mr. Schuester

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Important Memo from your principal

Principal Figgins, here. I just want to remind all of you students that three tardies equals an afternoon of Saturday school. Sadly, some of you were already late yesterday. You’re pushing the limit. And you know who you are.

Coming to school on time is very important, and I will not tolerate lateness. That is all. Also shall I remind you Mr. Blaine Anderson and Mr. Mike Chang that climbing on furniture is dangerous and more importantly, not allowed. One more warning will result in an afternoon of Saturday school.

Principal Figgins

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Need to look up glee assignments? Check with Mr. Schue. Need some helpful advice? Ask Ms. Pillsbury. Want some Vocal coaching? Set an appointment with Ms. Corcoran. Don't forget to check Principal's Figgins' page to be sure that you don't have detention, and who really wants to miss out on Sue's Corner?

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